Adventurists and extreme activity lovers, rejoice. Curbed LA, our source for crazy and cool things in the City of Angels, excitedly tells us that the Venice Beach zipline project, which was approved this past February by LA’s Coastal Commission, is finally opening at the end of this month! Although the idea was tabled last year due to concerns that it would disrupt the peace in Venice, the Commission must have realized that, seeing as the 750 ft long line will be installed near basketball courts and the skate park, this would not be too big of an issue. The project will run for three months before being dismantled and will also offer acrobatics classes and performances. The experience costs $20 per person. 
If Venice Beach isn’t exactly your ideal location to try ziplining, check out these five other great places to zipline within the US.
1. Las Vegas, NV: Need a break from gambling? You can glide across Fremont Street in Las Vegas via zipline and bask in the city lights that surround you. Apparently, the experience (which costs $15 until 6 PM, and $20 after) also includes a laser light show to get your adrenaline going before you zip through the city. A re-ride costs only $5, so don’t hesitate if once isn’t quite enough for you!
2. Haelakala, Maui, HI: There are many zipline options in Hawaii, but in Haleakala, Maui, if you’re willing to shell out a steep $120, you can soar over a volcano! Skyline Adventures’s course, which consists of 5 lines, is actually part of a full on tour of the area that lasts approximately 2 hours and also includes crossing an “Indiana Jones style bridge.”
3. San Diego, CA: Love going to the zoo? Check out the San Diego Zoo Flightline Safari, which costs $70 but allows you to fly by birds, rhinos, and other wildlife in lieu of a traditional safari experience. Plus, if you feel like reliving the experience, the safari’s helmets are installed with cameras that can record your trip!
4. Vail, CO: With Zip Adventures in Vail, you’ll start out by traveling a couple miles in a rugged Austrian military vehicle to the site of the lines. Then, you proceed to zip down six lines over the beautiful Alkali Creek Canyon and Colorado River. The whole experience lasts about two and a half hours and costs $150.
5. Icy Strait Point, AK: It’s difficult to get to Icy Strait Point if you aren’t on a cruise, but if you do make it here, be sure to ride with Ziprider, which allows six people to race side-by-side for over 5,000 feet. Moreover, this line boasts the highest zip line drop in the world: 1,300 feet!
There was even a temporary zipline in Union Square, New York City, last year proving that even the concrete jungle can provide outdoor thrills.
And these are just the options in the US! Consult National Geographic Traveler and Travel+Leisure for international zipline information.

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