A long-feared invasion of corporate America has arrived in the form of Starbucks in Montmartre at Place du Tertre. Although opening a Starbucks in Montmartre is a no-brainer since its one of the most visited places in Paris by tourists, it has been met with greater skepticism than the other 50 Starbucks locations in Paris. Parisians love to protest and according to NBC News

The group Paris Fierté – whose name translates to “Paris Pride” and which bills itself as a cultural association that promotes Parisian identity – has been vocal in its opposition to the new café, holding a protest rally and distributing leaflets in an effort to stop the opening.

The protests, which also include an online petition, center around the Montmartre’s bohemian heritage.
Architect and blogger Barbara Brink captured the photograph below just after the new Starbucks opened. Like McDonalds, Starbucks often designs geographically and culturally relevant shops, and this seems to blend it decently with its color scheme.