1-Modern Toilet-Theme Restaurant-Taipei-Untapped Cities-Wesley Yiin
It shouldn’t surprise you that one of Taiwan’s most successful theme restaurant franchises is Modern Toilet, a celebration of all objects and substances found in bathrooms. Taiwan, where prison and hospital-themed restaurants have also found success, is no newcomer to extreme eateries.
But Modern Toilet, which has over ten locations in Taiwan and has expanded to Hong Kong, takes everything to a higher level. Upon entering one of Modern Toilet’s most popular locations in crowded shopping district Ximending, Taipei, you’re greeted by a smiling gold-colored, dung-shaped character before you ascend into the dining areas. 

6-Modern Toilet-Theme Restaurant-Taipei-Untapped Cities-Wesley YiinProbably the  friendliest feces you’ll ever meet!

Then, you’re transported into a glitzy bathroom universe. Depending on where you’re seated, you may find yourself in a bright room splashed with periwinkle and pink and decorated with shower heads and feces-shaped lights. Or, you might dine in an electric and truly ultra-modern setting complete with neon lights and toilets protruding from the wall. All seats are real toilets (which were or could be at some point functional), and all tables are glass-covered sinks or bathtubs.
Most important, however, is the food, which comes in plates and bowls shaped like miniature tubs, sinks, or, obviously, toilets. Many dishes have added gross-out factors, like curry, the restaurant’s most popular entree, which is served in a toilet. (Use your imagination.) There are also poo-shaped, chocolate-flavored buns, and you have the option of ordering your drinks in urinal shaped cups.

2-Modern Toilet-Theme Restaurant-Taipei-Untapped Cities-Wesley YiinThai Spicy Chicken, served in a toilet bowl with rice, soup, and a small salad.

3-Modern Toilet-Theme Restaurant-Taipei-Untapped Cities-Wesley YiinThese ice cream desserts are served complimentary with each entree!

But Modern Toilet’s most disgusting offerings are its ginormous shaved ice desserts, which are smothered with strange toppings in order to fit their unbelievably unappetizing names. My personal favorite is the “hemorrhoid” ice, which is strawberry flavored.
4-Modern Toilet-Theme Restaurant-Taipei-Untapped Cities-Wesley Yiin

Hemorrhoid ice, with raisins, marshmallows, mini biscuits, ice cream, strawberry syrup, and assorted jellies and candies.

Although the food and service at Modern Toilet are frankly nothing too impressive, the decor, concept, and overall experience merit a visit if you are ever in the area.
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