Giant Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Washington Square Park-NYC
Have you ever caught sight of this giant cupcake attached to a bicycle in NYC? Back in 2010, we spent some time in the studio with the artist behind it, Jack Cesareo. During our visit, we discovered two key facts: it’s an art project–Cesareo likes to photograph the cupcake juxtaposed against landmarks in New York City. And, Cesareo is an artist at the American Museum of Natural History, making models and painting diorama backgrounds. [He later gave us a great behind-the-scenes look into how the museum creates its amazing installations].
We love how an incongruous object like an oversized cupcake makes you look at well-known architecture in a new way, and Cesareo knows how to frame his shots to show this contrast. At its root though, we believe Cesareo is interested in the interaction the cupcake bicycle elicits from the public. He just took the Giant Cupcake on a cross-country trip. When we asked him about the motivation behind such an odyssey, he told us, “It’s a story about America. It’s a love affair with American culture. Most of all its fun–the reception I get from strangers is always amazing.”
Here’s selection of the photographs, see more about what the Giant Cupcake Bicycle is up to on its Facebook page.

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-NYC-Guggenheim Museum
Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-JR
Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-NYC

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Archers National Park UtahAt Archers National Park, Utah

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Badlands South Dakota
Badlands, South Dakota (somehow with a NYC taxi)

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-NYC-HollywoodHollywood

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Midway Hotel-Colorado-Shining

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Archers National Park Utah-2
Archers National Park, Utah

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Sand Point-Idaho
Sand Point, Idaho

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Keep Portland Weird
Portland, Oregon

Cupcake Bicycle-Jack Cesareo-Old Faithful-Yellowstone
Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park