What’s the deepest subway station in New York City? This is a topic of some healthy debate in transit forums, with some conflicting claims between blogs and websites. Part of the confusion stems from the standard for depth, whether measured from street level or from sea level, but from our research, this appears to be the consensus:

Deepest Subway Station: 191st Street, 1 train (IRT line), 180 feet

In Washington Heights, the 191st Street stop along the 1 line is considered the deepest at 180 feet below street level, according to the MTA. This is one of the stations that still has full-time elevator operators, since the elevators serve as the main access to the platform. These elevators also have a greater tendency to break down, says the The New York Times (yikes). In May 2015, the tunnel was decorated by street artists in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation

The tunnel was recently used as a filming location for In the Heights.