After our exclusive photo shoot inside the TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport last year, we’ve gotten a lot of inquiries as to how to visit or rent the space in our Untapped Mailbag. For visitors, the easiest way is to attend an event by a non-profit partner, such as Openhousenewyork, who just had a members-only launch reception in the terminal this past Friday and has hosted visits during OHNY Weekend in October for the couple of years. Organizations such as Openhousenewyork, The Municipal Art Society, Docomomo, New York Landmarks Conservancy, New York State Historical Preservation Office, and educational organizations are also permitted to host tours.  The Port Authority also leases the space per-diem for commercial film (like Catch Me If You Can) and advertising shoots. You can’t rent it for private reasons though, like a wedding or a birthday, all requests the Port Authority has received before.
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