There has been much debate about the QueensWay, a plan for turning the defunct Long Island Railroad Rockaway Branch into a public park like Manhattan’s High Line. The 3.5 mile stretch starts in Rego Park and terminates at Rockaway Blvd in Ozone Park. While additional public space would undoubtedly be positive for Queens, there have also been calls to re-activate the rail line to address underserved transportation areas. Earlier, we took a look at the baseball graveyard discovered along the QueensWay by Will Ellis of AbandonedNYC and explored the non-elevated portion of the QueensWay. Today we’re sharing this video by Untapped contributor Jeff Seal, who traversed the entire length of the QueensWay. The film shows the train tracks passing through fallen trees and bushes, over bridges and elevated railways–there are even two abandoned passenger platforms. For more, see the panoramic photos taken by Jeff, below.

Governor Andrew Cuomo awarded a $467,000 feasibility study last year, and the Trust for Public Land subsequently launched a request for proposals for a QueensWay Bike Path. The winning design will be announced at the end of this month.

Queensway-Rockaway Branch LIRR Train-Abandoned-NYC-2

Queensway-Rockaway Branch LIRR Train-Abandoned-NYC-6Passenger platform on Atlantic Avenue

Queensway-Rockaway Branch LIRR Train-Abandoned-NYC-5Elevated section between 99th and 100th Street in Ozone Park

Queensway-Rockaway Branch LIRR Train-Abandoned-NYC-3Passenger platform on elevated section between 99th and 100th Street

Queensway-Rockaway Branch LIRR Train-Abandoned-NYC-2

Queensway-Rockaway Branch LIRR Train-Abandoned-NYC-Train PlatformsHole in passenger platform where stairs once led to the street

Jeff Seal previously showed us how to train hop in NYC, see more from on his Vimeo channel.

6 thoughts on “See the Entire 3.5 Mile Stretch of the QueensWay, LIRR’s Rockaway Line Branch [VIDEO]

  1. After 43 years of passing these tracks, now I get to see them from a different angle.

  2. Please do a video which shows the 3.5 mile length in a manner easier to comprehend. Nice video but this is difficult to watch if the goal is to understand what the distance is like block to block

  3. Dear Jeff.
    WOW! what a fabulous video documentary on the Abandoned Rockaway Rail Line. Congratulations and a great choice of music to accompany it . I am a member of the Friends of the QueensWay Steering Committee. I would like to know if you would be willing to give us permission to put a link to this video on the home page of our Website and also exhibit your photos giving you full credit for these great visual records.

    Let me know we would be eager share these with our members and constituents.

    Frank Lupo

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