In the heart of Paris, there are Les Halles … Or at least what remains of them. Because right now it is just an open building site exposing itself to the gaze of passersby.
But basically, it is questionable whether les Halles have ever been anything else than a framework. There is always this vague impression of a temporary structure when you go there, especially in the Forum.
In this concrete Tetris, people from all over Paris and its suburbs mingle amid heterogeneous shops, fast-food chains, and even cultural spaces. A swimming pool – le gymnase Suzanne Berlioux – facing a big movie theater – l’UGC – symbolizes this strange mixture.  You can even sense a slight chlorine smell from the entrance of the complex.
I always expect to find a guy in his speedo there, lining up for a movie after his workout. I don’t know if the day will come when I can witness such an impropable scene. And I’m not even sure if someone would make any remark about this, if it happened… Well, I think it might depend on the shape of the swimmer.
Nb: I first wanted to entitle this drawing “What would Ryan Lochte do” … in Paris?
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