3. Church of the Holy Communion: 656 Avenue of the Americas has been a church, a rehab center, a nightclub, and a mall. It’s currently known as the Limelight Marketplace, after the time of the nightclub, Limelight. In the documentary, “Limelight: The Rise and Fall of New York’s Greatest Nightclub Empire,” the club was referred to as “pagan Rome on acid, Caligula with music,” which gives you an idea of the debaucherous parties thrown there. Prior to this, the building also housed the Lindisfarne Association, an intellectual group founded by historian William Irwin Thompson. When Lindisfarne moved to Colorado, the Episcopal parish sold the building to Odyssey House, a rehab center, before it turned into Limelight.

7-church conversions-history-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiinThe top floor of the Limelight Marketplace

8-church conversions-history-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiinThe interior of the Limelight

9-church conversions-history-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiinA well-preserved stained glass window. Others have holes or pieces missing from them.