5. St. Ann’s Church: Before it was leveled to make room for NYU’s newest dormitory Founders Hall, St. Ann’s in East Village was called “among the most beautiful” by The New York Times. The church was rededicated in 1983 as an Eastern Catholic Church to better suit the community, but closed permanently in 2003. In 2005, it was announced as the site of the newest NYU residence hall, and the building was mostly destroyed in spite of strong local opposition to its conversion. Today, only the facade of St. Ann’s remains in front of the first-year dorm.

12-church conversions-history-new york-untapped citiesSt. Ann’s facade, completely disconnected from Founders

Below are three additional church to apartment conversions:

2-church conversions-history-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiin 99 Clinton Street, a church-turned-condo in Brooklyn Heights

3-church conversions-history-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiinThe Arches at Cobble Hill, another condo, formerly St. Peter’s Church

6-church conversions-history-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiin450 Clinton Street, formerly the Norwegian Seamen’s Church, now a condominium in Carroll Gardens

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