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Here at Untapped Cities, we are perpetually hungry explorers who will never settle for the city we know. Every person in every corner of every city has a story that hasn’t been told, and we want to hear them, and tell them to our readers in fresh new ways. Recently, Google gave us the opportunity to be among the first to put its new technology, Glass, to use. With Google Glass, you can document and navigate your world hands-free, even share what you see in real time. But rather than use the technology to help ourselves tell better stories, we want to put it into the hands of the people we’re most passionate about, and in fact most inrigued by – you. We’re therefore excited to bring you a new Untapped Cities project, #MyNYC. Whether you’re an urban explorer by night and corporate slave by day, dog walker wandering the streets of Brooklyn Heights, a finance executive fighting to stay above water at the NYSE, a bike messenger speeding down Broadway in the heat of the day, or a construction worker hanging 1,776 feet above the city you’re helping resurrect, you offer a new perspective. With Google Glass, you’ll be able to bring it to life. So take 24 hours and show us your city. We’ll share it on Untapped Cities.

As a crowd-sourced publication that grew organically, we’re turning to IndieGogo to raise the $1600 for the Google Glass explorers kit. We’ve got 5 days to get there, and we hope to involve our community from the very beginning. We’re offering some amazing (and, naturally, untapped) perks to those who would support the campaign. Lower level perks include entry to exclusive upcoming Untapped Cities event (like a day of exploration with AbandonedNYC‘s Will Ellis, photos or illustrations from Untapped Cities contributors, and even a chance to try out Glass yourself. Higher level perks include exclusive, private tours with Untapped Cities and Moses Gates, author of Hidden Cities, or Rembert Browne, staff writer for Grantland and an Untapped Cities writer. We’re even offering contributors the chance to bring their own Google Glass projects to life. We can’t wait to uncover your New York. All we need is you. Campaign link: Note: contributions must be pledged no later than July 3rd.