Yelp-Word Map-Reviews-Hipster
Yelp’s wordmap for reviews that mention the word “Hipster”, with hotspots in the East Village, Williamsburg and the West Village

We’ve got to hand it to Yelp for utilizing its vast database of reviews to create these fun Wordmaps that show the density of reviews that mention keywords like hipster, bacon, cheap, PBR and more. The tool is available in 14 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco and Boston. The press, meanwhile, is having a field day of course.

GigaOM says, “.” NBC News pronounces that “Yelp’s Word Map means never having to dine with hipsters again.” First We Feast excitedly announces, “Yelp announces Wordmaps so everyone can avoid frat boys and yuppies,” noting that “Peter Luger is solely responsible for a massive ‘bacon’ hotspot right at the JMZ stop in Williamsburg.” And Boston Eater says “Yelp knows where to find hipsters and hangovers.”

Here’s a sampling of some great Yelp Wordmaps in NYC and Paris, which has its own terms like, luxe, pâté, touriste and chocolate. We just wished they included “Bobo,” the French version of hipster.

Bacon (NYC)

Yelp-Word Map-Reviews-Bacon


Yelp-Word Map-Reviews-PBR

Cheap (NYC)

Yelp-Word Map-Reviews-Cheap

Hangover (NYC)

Yelp-Word Map-Reviews-Hangover

Chocolat (Paris)

Yelp Wordmap-Paris-Chocolate

Luxe (Paris)

Yelp Wordmap-Paris-Luxe

Pâté (Paris)

Yelp Wordmap-Paris-Pates

Touristes (Paris)

Yelp Wordmap-Paris-Touriste

From the Paris maps, we can conclude that chocolate is everywhere, and it’s pretty easy to avoid tourists if you stay out of Montmartre, Louvre, Notre Dame and the Marais. And for some reason pâté is particularly prevalent near Chatelet/Les Halles and near the Grand Magasin department stores.

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  1. Which goes to show how tired and stupid anti-hipsterism is. If you followed that Yelp NYC map, you would miss most of the fun and innovative restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and retail establishments now in NY. Your loss.

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