If there’s one thing the French have that we don’t, it’s castles. In New York City, you might be able to attend an illegal speakeasy inside a water tower, a recreation of the Titanic’s last supper, and even the famed Dîner en Blanc (which, by the way, is coming up soon). But if you want to experience a wild party in an abandoned castle, you might just have to book a ticket to Paris.

The party’s organizers in Paris call themselves We Are the Oracle (WATO). For the Ghost Society party, they invited one hundred people to cross the threshold of this creepy abandoned castle in Boulogne, just outside of Paris, for a night of dancing and debauchery.

What’s also interesting to note is that Boulougne is actually a ritzy suburb just on the border of Paris, but it has its fair share of abandoned properties. One is the former Renault Factory on Ile Seguin, another is Chateau Rothschild–which we guess is where this party took place. Another guess is the abandoned house of Napoleon III.

We Are the Oracle is also organizing the Rooftop Project, set for Bastille Day on July 14th. Perhaps their next party will be at the abandoned street art haven in Pantin? Check out their Facebook page to find out what’s coming up next. Yesterday, we also showed another suburb of Paris (replete with a chateau) that has been almost completely abandoned.

All photos sourced from We Are The Oracle’s Facebook page.