9. Saturdays Surf NYC31 Crosby St. (Other location at 17 Perry St.)


On first glance, it seems as if this Soho shop has an identity crisis, as it sells surf gear, men’s clothes and books along with coffee. But somehow, it all works. The front of the Crosby Street space is devoted to a rack of surfboards and a coffee bar that sells the shop’s signature blend of La Colombe coffee. Clothes and books are displayed in the narrow hallway leading to the shop’s best feature: the airy garden out back where you can chat and sip your brew after some browsing. The crowd is a mix of surfers and artsy people who seem productive even when they’re just hanging out. The garden isn’t a place to be antisocial! There are plush couches or free wi-fi here, but you could spend just as many hours chatting. Cash only.