Fake Music Festival Posters Paris

Untapped Cities reader and illustrator Guillaume Lagane spotted this movie poster for an epic electro/dance concert in Paris with Daft Punk, Phoenix, Air, Justice and more–but it’s a fake. The biggest clue, besides the impossible awesomeness of the line-up, is that L’elysee Montmartre burned down two years ago and hasn’t re-opened yet.

The posters are the mastermind of artist Andre Saraiva, who has many of the creations on his Instagram. The electro artist Kavinsky, who is on the Montmartre poster also took a photo, telling his fans on Instagram “comon guys it’s not a party, it’s art.”

Yesterday, we also reported on a fake MTA pamphlet regarding the harmless gas test that’s going on. Think twice about what you read in NYC!

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