New York map by Jenni Sparks

British artist, Jenni Sparks draws these maps of giant seemingly-untackleble metropolises with a fine-grained density of detail that will make your head spin. And she does it by hand! They are utterly impressive, jam-packed masterpieces. This beautiful hand drawn map was featured in The Guardian’s “10 of the best hand-drawn maps” gallery. 

Close-up of New York map by Jenni Sparks

Sparks delivers the character of neighborhoods, history, landmarks, and fun facts. They are historical-cognitive-subway maps that deliver a multi-dementional map of a city, and they are more than just the super consistent perspective on the tiny buildings. These are the maps tourists should have, essentially visual guidebooks.


Here’s a fun one of the Marais in Paris, a promotional piece for the store BHV:

Le Marais-Jenni Sparks-Paris-BHV

We previously featured Sparks’ work in the Visit London campaign, “Find Rufus,” last year. Check out the rest of Sparks’ maps and even order a print at her website, here.

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