311 Complaints-Map-Complaints-Furman Center NYU

The Furman Center at NYU released this fun map of 311 complaints from last summer, based on data of the most popular complaint by neighborhood. The top complaints were:

  • Broken street lights (makes it seem like all of Staten Island and a large portion of Queens are basically dark)
  • Loud partying (not surprisingly in the East Village, Williamsburg and Greenpoint)
  • Vermin in the Bronx and central Brooklyn

Some fun ones if you look closely:

  • Noise from ice cream trucks up in Pelham Bay
  • Dead animals in South Brooklyn
  • Illegal conversion of residential units

Visually, the maps take a cue from the popular world cloud maps of Brooklyn and NYC neighborhoods. You can download the actual spreadsheet of complaints on the Furman Center website.

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