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Carré d’artistes has had a huge artistic presence primarily in Europe for many years, with 18 galleries throughout France, Germany, England, Spain & Brazil.  Last week they opened their doors in the United States and have chosen Greenwich Village as their location. 

Carre d'artistes art gallery NYC Untapped Cities 2Lysandre Bezier, the Manager, gave us a tour of their new gallery on Bleecker Street

This small space that was for many years a neighborhood market has been transformed and is as colorful as the wall to wall original pieces of artwork that represent their current artists. Each artist is asked to do paintings in sizes specific to Carré d’artistes, ranging from a four inches square to twelve inches square. Prices range from $105 to $520. This feast for the eyes is ever changing with new artists rotating in every six weeks.

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Artwork is displayed by artist, making it easy to see all work done by an artist that catches your eye. Since the sizes vary from 4″ square upward, there is something in every price range. One of the many things that sets them apart from other galleries is the fact that you are buying original pieces unframed, simply matted. The square size of every piece by every artist is also unique to this gallery.  They do offer framing and have a nice selection to choose from.

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In addition to their small square originals which they call ‘First Step in Art’, they also have a section they like to call ‘Art in Big’, exhibiting 5 artists with sizes (also squares) ranging from 20″ to 47″.

Their brochure says it all –“Art is Good”.  Indeed it is.  They are open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm.  Stop by and let Lysandre show you around.  They’re located at 241 Bleecker Street between Rocco’s Pastry and Bleecker Street Records (between 6th and 7th Avenues).  You can also follow them on Facebook.

You can follow AFineLyne on Twitter or on Facebook at Harlem Sketches or Greenwich Village Sketches.  Looking for Bleecker Street?  Head over to the Untapped Shop for your Greenwich Village map.

4 thoughts on “Carré d’artistes, a Well Known French Art Gallery, Opens in NYC’s Greenwich Village

  1. Hi I am wondering if you can help me. I live in Ireland & have just returned from an amazing 4 days in NYC. On my very first few hrs I saw a street artist in Greenwich selling a beautiful painting of the flat iron building. It was over a red canvas & about 5ft talk so not easy to miss. He also had a few other buildings but the flat iron has been my partners favourite building for as long as I know. Sadly I didn’t have enough cash on me so I couldn’t buy the painting & when I returned I couldn’t retrace my exact steps so never found it again. Could you by any chance point in the directions of how to contact these street agents? Many thanks. Shauna

  2. I was killing time in New York last October while waiting for my flight back home and stumbled on the store on Bleecker street. I have to commend the staff that work in the shop as they let me loiter for far too long while looking at the art in the shop which is all fantastic. Such a great shop and I will try and get to the one in London next time I am in town.

    1. We’re glad you liked it. We thought it was a real different way to exhibit & sell art – similar to that of a ‘record’ shop. And we also found the staff to be friendly.

  3. Pleased for the opportunity! I am coming to NYC,I have a one man show (1st time ever!)Opening on August 15th 6pm-9pm at The Soho Gallery For Digital Art. While I am here I am hoping to meet you folks. I would like the opportunity to sell prints. And show you my work. There is a sampling on my website.the site is nearly done. I will be showing over 200 images on 16 40″ Monitors at the show.i have one shot in NYC I hoe I am able to make contact. Best Regards, Michael Thielen

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