Everyone is talking about photographer Gus Petro’s project “Merge,” which places Manhattan inside the Grand Canyon. Petro says,

In the end of 2012 I travelled to USA to experience something new. And it was something I didn’t expect: emptiness and density. ‘Merge’ is the last part of a project series ‘Empty, Dense, Merge’ which explores two opposite feelings through the photos of places located in USA.

According to The Atlantic Cities, “Petro took the photographs he had of the two sites, matched their perspective points and lens angles, then put them through a process he calls ‘Photoshop magic.'”

In a similar vein (though in 2D), back in 2011 one of our writers posed the question, what if Manhattan were designed like Paris? What would life be like here without the street grid? Urban planner Charles-Antoine Perrault created the work, retaining Central Park as an identifier.

What if Manhattan Designed like Paris-NYC-Charles Perrault

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