Google has gotten tons of coverage over the past 48 hours for its release of Street View images of the Eiffel Tower. Three such 360 degree panoramas were uploaded, taken from the Tower’s viewing platforms. The images are actually just one part of an online collection by the Google Cultural Institute, which has also amassed three separate exhibits about the construction and history of the Tower.

Many New York art museums are featured as part of Google’s Art Project, including the Met and the MoMA. Although you can definitely access the interior of the Morgan Library and Museum through Street View, the museum is strangely left off of the Google Art Project website.

We’ve showed you interiors of the Morgan Library previously, which served as the private library of J.P. Morgan from 1906 to 1924. Now, the landmark is a museum while still functioning as a research center. The building houses three Gutenberg Bibles, a journal of Henry David Thoreau, and artworks by van Gogh and Rembrandt.

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Lastly, if you ever feel the need to see some green while working in your grayscale office, use Street View to visit spaces like Central Park and the High Line. Google has graciously plotted many of New York’s parks, allowing you to get the partial experience of a leisurely stroll (unfortunately sans fresh air and the freedom of the outdoors). Be careful with the High Line, though. One misplaced click will have you teleported back into the hustle-bustle of the street down below.

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In addition to the Tower, Google has been inserting Street View into a number of attractions. Some notable choices include AntarcticaDiagon Alley (or Warner Bros. Studio in London), and Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world).

Also part of the Art Project, and therefore easily overlooked by art non-enthusiasts, is the White House. The presidential residence was included because of its extensive collection of art pieces that are displayed throughout the building. Of course, the Street View exhibit only passes through the areas of the White House that are open for the public to view. (Don’t expect to see President Obama in the Oval!). Since you can no longer take tours of the White House due to the Sequester, this is a perfect alternative to an in-person visit.

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Many other museums and local businesses are available for viewing on Street View. If you find anything noteworthy, feel free to share it with us! Happy clicking!

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