Double braid, all the way

We get it, it’s hot. I feel naked without a blazer and scarf, but lately I’ve had no choice but to accept the need to adapt style to the heat in order to avoid dying a sweaty death on the subway platform. Another good, breezy way to counter heatstroke is to get a dramatic undercut, and on my way back from getting the sides of my head shaved around Washington Square Park I spotted this very colorful and very sporty lady strolling a few paces ahead of me. 

I can’t imagine what a horror long hair is in the summer, but she seemed to have a pretty good idea of how to keep it both manageable and cool while still maintaining a bit of personality. Whether the color choices were intentional or not, I loved the contrast of the bright red hair ties on her braids with the cool, lush green of her shirt. Very simple, very eye-catching, and almost made me wish for long hair. But not quite.

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