4. Pedicabs

pedicab-garage-untapped-nycFormer Taxi Tech garage near the Hudson River also rents pedicabs to drivers.

According to Peter Meitzler of the Manhattan Rickshaw Co., most pedicabs are parked in parking garages or large indoor or outdoor lots that have been reconfigured for such purposes. A small minority may park their pedicabs on the street overnight, but for the most part, these pedicab-specific lots offer the necessary shelter, security and tools in case maintenance is needed. For fleets of pedicabs, the fleet will arrange group storage for each vehicle.


One garage, Taxi Tech was once located at West 57th St. near the Hudson River until the stretch of buildings was demolished. Drivers would come and go as they wish between those hours across these specially-made ramps. Fun Fact: in the movie Taxi Driver, Robert Deniro worked out of a garage on this block as well.