In our behind-the-scenes look inside the TWA Flight Center last year, we focused on the architecture and preservation efforts for the landmarked building. One thing which was pointed out by a reader, was the high concentration of asbestos in ceiling. Another reader recently wrote us reminding us of this sobering detail of the iconic building:

I want to say thanks for the fantastic article on the TWA building. This building has special meaning for me as my father was the TWA liason between the company and the contractor.  He spent many hours working with the contractor. On a sad note, it was that building that ultimately took his life.  The ceiling insulation was blown in asbestos.  He and many others inhaled asbestos fibers and became ill.  He died about ten years later of cancer of the pleura.

In 2008, the building underwent asbestos remediation while being restored to the original design. The Port Authority invested $30 million in the restoration project. Other terminals at JFK built during this era also used asbestos, like the Pan-Am/Worldport Terminal which also recently underwent asbestos removal, but only because Delta plans to demolish the building.

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