Rooftopping by Micah Vinson LaSirenaNYC Untapped Cities#Rooftopping in Manhattan by Micah Vinson submitted by @LaSirenaNYC via Twitter

This week’s foot-tingling #untappedcities “Pic” of the Week goes to Micah Vinson, photographer for @LaSirenaNYC. This shot, from the top of 200 Water Street in the Financial District, is part of a series called “Man on a Ledge,” which will be featured on Untapped Cities in a few weeks. Micah tells Untapped, “The idea behind ‘Man on a Ledge’ is the excitement of not only of taking an exciting shot that could be slightly risky or dangerous, but also the thrill of finding the next rooftop and arriving to see the cityscape.”

Rooftopping is a photographic phenomenon, where dare devil snappers go to insane heights, hanging off the edge of buildings, to capture views of their cities. While we often say, “Don’t Forget to Look Up,” with Man on a Ledge, we’re hoping you’ll look down too.   

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