Our friends at BBQ Films are at it again after their re-creation of American Psycho for Patrick Bateman’s birthday earlier this year. On August 27th, they’ll be bringing Luc Besson’s classic film to life, transforming The Princess from the World Yacht fleet into the Fhloston Paradise, the iconic holiday destination from The Fifth Element.

The evening cruise will feature a screening of the movie, a themed performance from musical act “a place both wonderful and strange”, a Paradise photo booth, and some of Jean Paul Gaultier’s timeless fashions from the film. All guests are invited to attend in their futuristic finest, as they’ll be treated to a very intermission during the screening.

Tickets open to the general public tomorrow at 9am, after a successful early bird ticket offer this past Friday. If their past events, which include a recreation of the Derelicte fashion show from Zoolander and Patrick Bateman’s 27h birthday are any indicator, this one is going to be pretty fun.