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This may not look like our typical Street Art Hotspots, but sometimes you need to look beyond the obvious. Faile, aka Brooklyn-based duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, created this mosaic mural out of thousands of hand-crafted tiles. The work is aptly titled 104 N. 7th Street based on its location in Williamsburg, just blocks from their studio. Faile is most well known for their comic book style prints and collages that use ephemera from the last one hundred years. Though 104 N. 7th Street departs from their usual bold, graphic style, Faile’s artistic voice can definitely be seen in the collage-like quality of the mural. Here, patterns and color make a bold yet subtle impact. If you look closely, you can see their signature on the tiles. 

The mural was commissioned by Vice and 42below Vodka. Check out Faile’s Art Talk with Vice:

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