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When in Midtown, you might pass this building without an idea to the intricate treasures that adorn the inside. Built in 1872, the Central Synagogue is in the Moorish Revival style as a copy of Budapest’s Dohány Street Synagogue. After a fire in 1998, the building was restored. The current colors mimic the original 1972 scheme, with elaborate floral and latticework patterns in sixty-nine colors. For even further authenticity, the paint is  applied by brush to reinforce the handmade character. The richest detail is reserved for the Ark where the quantity of ornament in gold, red, blue and yellow is concentrated.

Central Synagogue was declared a New York City Landmark in 1966. It is also among the oldest synagogue buildings still standing in the United States. Today, Central Synagogue is transforming the way people experience Jewish life. If you go to their website you can stream live services.

Free tours are held at 12:45pm on Wednesdays if you want to check out this intricate marvel yourself.

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