East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-016

Earlier this week, we published a photo essay about notable spots along the Hudson River in “Thirteen of NYC’s Most Important Architectural Sites on the Hudson River.” The East River, in contrast, is in a different state of development with new sleek skyscrapers abutting both active and abandoned industrial sites. Untapped Cities photographer Troy Hahn went by East River Ferry to photograph these elements on the Brooklyn side, showing how new and old co-exist. Inevitably with the course of development, some industrial elements will be lost but sites along the East River such as Long Island City and the Brooklyn Navy Yard have embraced or built around their historical elements.

The gantry in Long Island City, a neighborhood rapidly modernizing while keeping some of its industrial core:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-026

Vintage ad on warehouse in Greenpoint for Huxley Envelope (now United Envelope). The site is vacant:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-037

Near Greenpoint Avenue:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-011

We recently went inside the Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg, here are some details from Troy of the exterior:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-1

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-039

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-043

The Brooklyn Navy Yard, which has transformed from a shipyard into a modern industrial park, supporting businesses ranging from startups to small manufacturing.

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-023

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-025

The Watchtower building next to Brooklyn Bridge Park:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-019

Jane’s Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-021

Workers on the Manhattan Bridge:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-033
East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-020

The ubiquitous water tower against the New York sky:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-022

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-027

The East River at sunset:

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-030

East River-Industrial-Ferry-Domino-NYC-034

Photography by Troy Hahn. Get in touch with the author @untappedmich