World Trade Center-WTC-Calatrava Transportation Hub-NYC-Construction

Yesterday, we went to check out construction on the Calatrava Transportation Hub through the American Planning Association New York Metro Chapter. Though not as sunny as our visit in June to the construction site, we got to see the oculus being built. We also took our Google Glass and made a short video for the #MyNYC Project. (We’re still figuring out how to get rid of the glare from the Glass and this author is pretty short, so you’ll see what that means when you film from a pair of glasses).

The pieces for the transit hub, also known as “Bird” are made in Canada and brought in by both barge and truck. They’re so large, streets have to be shut down when they’re brought into the city. When completed, the hub will handle 125,000 to 130,000 passengers per day. Renderings of the transit center design here.

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