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Do you ever feel the need to escape from city life, but don’t actually feel like leaving? Try urban camping with Bivouac NYC, a summer rooftop camping experience (and art project!) that has one more session planned in August. Read more about the project and the urban camping phenomenon in America on Grist.

New York’s City Hall Library boasts a collection of 400,000 New York City documents that can be read on-site. Still, few city residents know about the hidden library, due to its lack of clear signage. Read the New York Times City Room‘s description how to get there and some of the treasures that you might find there. 

Anna Bradfield finds beauty and rich stories in discarded objects. Read her exclusive interview with Urban Ghosts Media, where she discusses her methods and inspirations for her creations.

Mayor Bloomberg loves to make New Yorkers healthier and more proactive about their well-being. His newest effort has been an attempt to effectively ban electronic cigarettes, which has caused an uproar among public health workers and electronic cigarette manufacturers. Read more about the controversial proposal on Gothamist.


Paris is a city of beautiful and grand buildings, venues, and locations. So why not throw massive parties in them? Messy Nessy Chic has some amazing photos from parties hosted by the secret society “We are the Oracle.” She also tells you how to join them, if you’re interested. (But be careful, these parties may not actually be legal!) Also, read our piece on their party in an abandoned château that took place earlier this summer.

Interested in the urban history of Paris? This article from The Atlantic Cities explains a recent analysis on the evolution of the city under the hands of Georges-Eugene Haussmann. The researchers pondered exactly how much of the city’s changes were the result of directives from Haussmann.


At the end of last week, The Atlantic Cities reported on a pseudo-Eiffel Tower in Tianducheng, China. This town of less than 10,000 people was intended as a luxury community with Parisian themes, but it is now regarded as a sort of a ghost town, as it is surrounded by farmland and dead-ended roads. Check out some great photos and a video of the town here.

Did you know that building stadiums, along with museums, libraries, and opera houses, almost always causes cities to lose money? So why are they built? See two different takes on a current controversy involving the D.C. United Stadium from Greater Greater Washington and Next City.

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