Calatrava Transportation Hub-Bird-WTC-NYC-Construction_2
Construction of the Oculus of the WTC Transportation Hub by Calatrava 

On Friday, we showed you our Google Glass videos of the construction inside both the Calatrava World Trade Center Transit Hub and 1 WTC. While the videos are roughly the same quality as what you can take on your smartphone, one benefit of using Google Glass is that you can film hands free. This allowed us to take photographs using an SLR camera at the same time. So here, take a closer look at the construction of the Calatrava “Bird” that will be the WTC Transportation Hub.

In our first visit to the construction in site in June, Untapped Cities writer and urban planner Alex Wallach described the form of the building:

The intricate beams and supports of the building were created by Calatrava by painting the forms first, then by sculpting them from clay before designing the engineering.

World Trade Center-WTC-Calatrava Transportation Hub-NYC-Construction

Here, we’re standing in an area between the retail concourse and a future exit towards World Financial Center:

Calatrava Transportation Hub-Bird-WTC-NYC-Construction_6

When the wall comes down, this corridor will exit out towards the World Financial Center:

Calatrava Transportation Hub-Bird-WTC-NYC-Construction_5

The blue marks in the photo above notate where temporary support structures were once located during construction:

Calatrava Transportation Hub-Bird-WTC-NYC-Construction_7

The retail hub and balcony, which will lead to Observation Deck ticketing:

Calatrava Transportation Hub-Bird-WTC-NYC-Construction_4

Another shot of the oculus:

Calatrava Transportation Hub-Bird-WTC-NYC-Construction-001

Next, check out 10 fun facts to know about the completed World Trade Center Transportation Hub and photos inside opening day of the hub.

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