Bonus: Bleecker Street

Bleecker-Street-Abandoned-Subway-Platform-Section-Broadway-Lafayette Street-NYC

When the trains are going slowly enough at Bleecker Street, you’ll notice that the platform of the uptown 6 actually continues beyond an added wall. There, you’ll see green tiling (in the style of the newer Chambers Street tiling above), some ads that were left from when the section was closed off, and a standing pay phone.

In 2012, the Bleecker Street subway station was renovated to create a much-needed transfer from the uptown 6 train to the B/D/F/M trains, as previously transfers were only available to those on the downtown 6. The modification necessitated a shift in the subway platform south, and a northwards extension of the subway platform that was itself added in the 1950s to accommodate the longer 10-car trains closed.

Abandoned NYC Subway Stations

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