1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_8

Last week we went up to the 90th floor of 1 WTC and inside the Calatrava Transportation Hub with our Google Glass. It was awesome, but one thing we wanted to show separately was the fun graffiti from the construction workers that’s all over the support walls. There were manifestos, signatures, philosophical inquiries, and even a Garfield. Most will likely be painted over, but will some be uncovered decades later when the building gets fixed?

1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_2364th Floor Graffiti Wall

On the temporary elevator banks:

1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_24

1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_5

1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_6

1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_7

1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_17Garfield on the floorboards of the 90th floor exterior elevator landing

1 WTC-NYC-Construction-90th floor_22
View of Empire State Building from the 64th Floor of 1 WTC

Stay tuned tomorrow for more photos of the views from 1 WTC. See more coverage on the WTC:

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