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Inspired by the news about the man in China who built a two-story fortress/mountain structure on the top of an apartment building, we’ve rounded up other buildings in NYC that have structures on top too. They’re not as immense, but full of New York City-quirk.

1. Suburban Spreads on the Upper West Side

Suburban Houses On Top of Apartments-Upper West Side-Broadway-NYC_3

It’s apparently possible to love the urbanity of New York City and still get the suburban American dream. There are two suburban houses atop this pre-war (~1910) apartment building at the corner of 97th and Broadway, one with a chimney. A bird’s eye view from Bing maps shows that there are even front yards!

2568 Broadway-Suburban Houses on Apartment Building-NYC-Upper West Side-Front Yards

Here’s an alternative view from Google Earth: where you can see a backyard on one of the units:

Suburban Houses On Top of Apartments-Upper West Side-Broadway-NYC_Aerial View-2568 Broadway

Here are the two units from the side, where you can see the pattern on the apartments has been nicely continued onto the suburban house:

Suburban Houses On Top of Apartments-Upper West Side-2568 Broadway-NYC_4

Suburban Houses On Top of Apartments-Upper West Side-2568 Broadway-NYC_5

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3 thoughts on “10 Quirky Houses On Top of Apartment Buildings in NYC: Beach House, Lighthouse, Ski Chalet, Suburban Spread

  1. The roof of the Bank of China building on E. 48th and Madison has a very interesting roof. I like looking at it when I go to my doctor across the street.

  2. In 1917 Abercrombie & Fitch — then a sporting goods store — moved into a 12-story building on Madison Avenue at East 45th Street. It included a luxuriously furnished rooftop log cabin that Fitch made his town house, with an adjoining casting pool. The cabin was also the site of the first Adirondack Mountain Club meetings. I’d love to find an old picture of this!

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