7. The Lodge at Gallow Green

The Lodge-Gallow Green-The Heath-The McKitrick HotelWinter Forest Cabin-Scotland-Chelsea-NYC-006

The Lodge is the a wintertime conversion of rooftop bar Gallow Green into a veritable cabin in the woods. Since this is the McKittrick Hotel of Sleep No More fame we’re talking about, expect nothing less than an all-out theatrical experience. This is a cabin that will take you, mind and body, out of New York City and straight to the wintry, Scottish woodlands. See more photos here.

8. Murray Hill Grecian House Atop Building

This cute little Murray Hill addition was sent to us by way of Untapped Cities reader @happytalist and we were able to speak to the owner about it. She tells that it was already in existence when she bought the property and as far as she knows it was built together with the building in 1923. When she purchased it, it hadn’t been on the market for 45 years and she was attracted to its “huge terrace, Empire [State Building view]” and because “it looks like a cottage house in the city.”

9. Bucolic Cottage with Porch and Meadow

In Greenwich Village, the developer of this apartment building lives at the top and after visiting Elk, Pennsylvania, wanted to bring a little of that bucolic charm back to his urban home. A porch was in order, as well as a green meadow.

As The New York Times described in 2006, “The porch is basically a glorified bulkhead over a hole punched in the ceiling of the family’s loft to make way for a nautical stairway that rises to a landing with a galley-like kitchenette, with two paned windows and a door that opens to the roof.” Read more about this rooftop extension here.

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