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Time Lightbox has devoted a profile to photographer Todd Gross, a 43 year old Queens native who has a fresh, fun take on street photograph, many of which feature New Yorkers in contorted, inexplicable positions.

Good news for preservation buffs! The Jay Street Firehouse in Downtown Brooklyn is finally getting its long awaited renovation. Although the project was announced in 2010, for whatever reasons, a contractor only just arrived on site to begin the eighteen month restoration. See photos of the damaged building on Brownstoner.

Molecular gastronomist Dave Arnold has dreamed of opening a Museum of Food and Drink that he believes would come to rival the Smithsonian. He got his start yesterday, August 17, as he opened a pop up exhibit in Foley Square about the history and production of cereal. Brooklyn Based can tell you more about his future plans, and when else you might be able to see the exhibit.


Invisible Paris took us on an epic search for the Croix de l’Evangile–the last of its kind in Paris. This incredible post has wonderful details and photos of the journey to the cross. However, if you just want to see the cross and read about its cultural and historical significance, we suggest that you skip to the last few paragraphs and perhaps work backwards.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. In light of the recent Detroit Institute of Art controversy, Next City has rounded up five other puzzling assets that have been sold off in order to pay back debts. Read about them and more on the Detroit debate here.

Start-ups are everywhere nowadays, but in which cities do you expect there to be the most of them? The Atlantic Cities has the surprising results of a report on the cities that are leading America’s start-up revolution.

Are you ever bothered by the excessive light in the city? Enthusiast of the dark Paul Bogard penned an entire book on “light pollution,” and his essay on is a great introduction to the issue and his perspective on it. Photos by Jennifer M. Tremblay supplement the piece.

In another European city–and actually in many others all over the world–urban beekeeping is on the rise. The practice/hobby may be seen as just another part of the green movement, but there are other practical and economic reasons behind it. Read more on Yale Environment 360.

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