World Trade Center-WTC-Rusted Beam-Cross-Knights of Columbus-Rockaways-NYC

There are remnants of the World Trade Center in a parking lot on Rockaway Beach. The cross was donated by the Department of Sanitation to the Knights of Columbus chapter in Rockaway in September 2004. The relic might be located in a somewhat awkward place, but the rust and the cross shape trigger a mental connection to 9-11 even before you read the plaque. If you’re wondering who the Knights of Columbus are, it’s  a fraternal Catholic organization.

World Trade Center-WTC-Rusted Beam-Cross-Knights of Columbus-Rockaways-NYC-2


You can find this cross at 333 Beach 90th Street Rockaway Beach, half a block from Jamaica Bay. The cross was dedicated by the Rockaway Knights of Columbus to two brothers who were killed and all the victims of 9-11. Their website has photos from the dedication.

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