Google is celebrating the 151st birthday of French composer Claude Debussy with this fun, interactive doodle set to the tune of his famous piece, Claire de Lune. Is the location Paris? Likely but with a lot of creative liberties. The houses along the Seine are more floors, for example, but the clip is still full of details très French circa La Belle Époque time period.


Breaking apart the clip, we’re pretty confident this is the Moulin Rouge windmill below, also note the great period-era automobiles and lampposts:

At some point a cool boat comes through

So does a flying airship/blimp, a fascination in both Paris and New York City:

The Washington Post notes that with this cinematic doodle, Google moves closer and closer into the film realm. With the sheer number of press coverage on the doodle today, ranging from The Guardian to Mashable, the one thing that’s clear is that Google has brought a turn-of-the-19th century Impressionist composer back to the forefront of popular consciousness.