Introducing a new twist to our weekly Instagram “Pic” from our Photo Pool. We will be doing a string of theme competitions for the best pictures tagged with #untappedcities on Instagram and Twitter. The theme for this week’s selections was “Around the World,” showcasing the Untapped eye across a diverse host of countries.

The photos we selected this week in the top photo are clockwise from top left: Chicago Park District by @crainschicago, stunning Sydney by @benjidriver, zodiac sculptures in Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square @emilybaillie24, a lonely Paris metro car by @facettes_ephemeres.

The photos below, clockwise from top left: Washington DC Monument in repair by @thisisaby, finding San Francisco in the Bronx by @kassaundra, Alcazar Palace in Seville, Spain by @madammagpie, and a sunset statue in Parterre d’Eau at Versailles by @tinpanalleypictures

Next week’s theme will be “Train Stations.” This can mean something as striking as Grand Central Terminal, or something with more Untapped quirks like a local subway station. All you have to do is tag your Instagram or Twitter photos with #untappedcities. And as always check out the live feed as the week goes on to eye the competition.