68-74 Trinity Place-Church-Demolished-Pelli Clarke Pelli-Art Deco

ArchPaper and New York Yimby have reported that the 25-story Art Deco building which has been the headquarters for Trinity Church’s administration offices will be demolished and replaced by a glass skyscraper by Pelli Clarke Pelli.

Rendering Pelli Clarke Pelli Tower-68-74 Trinity Place-NYC-wall StreetRendering of new tower for 68-74 Trinity Place by Pelli Clarke Pelli

NY Yimby says “renderings of the new tower show a fairly standard glass box rising above the administrative podium, which contrasts with adjacent historic structures–the visual continuity between the former buildings and the AMEX will be broken.” Architectural criticisms aside, Curbed NY reported back in July that this move would be “sure to further alienate parishioners who argue that the church spends too little of its time and money on its stated mission of philanthropy and too much on real estate dealings.”

At the roof of the demolition and redesign is the building code. It would cost Trinity $33 million to get the building up to 2018 code compliance and an expected $35 million to get a brand new, fully-compliant building, according to ArchPaper.

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3 thoughts on “Historic Building on Trinity Place near World Trade Center to be Demolished

  1. In the rendering it is painfully obvious that Trinity Church itself is an outdated masonry structure. I propose that it be replaced by an airy light glass structure. And that cemetery has got to go. It is far too dreary a thing to be in the financial district.. It should be replaced by a holographic memorial inside the new Trinity Church thus bringing it up to date with the current stylistic trends.

      1. But of course. However that seems to be the trend these days, knock em’ down and put up another glass box.

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