Consider this a public service announcement with a twist. We’ve come across various departments of New York City that have developed fun apps, ranging from condom finders, to drunk driving prevention and NYC history!

NYC Condom Finder by NYC Health


NYC Health Department and Mental Hygiene created an app to locate free condoms from any location you might be within the five boroughs of New York. The App scans over 3,000 locations of free condoms distribution. You can geolocate based on your current location or “plan ahead” and type in a future location. The app will launch a map with the top five closest places where free condoms are located.

Click one of the venues and the app tells you what the address is, what hours the location is open and which products are given away at that location. At each venue, the NYC Condom app also shows availability of female condoms, personal lubricant, Durex and NYC Condoms. The NYC Condom’s Facebook Page includes more information about each product. App users have reviewed NYC Condom Finder on iTunes with review titles such as, “Perfection.,” “Need this app,” “Finally.” See other apps by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

NYC History Signs


Did you know the first Labor Day Celebration took place in Union Square Park?  This app showcases the historic parks, statues, monuments, and even playgrounds around you. Once the app picks up your current location, the app gives you directions of how to get to each location with a short history gathered from the 500 NYC Department of Parks and Recreation signs that mark the historic sites.




Ever wondered how well that one restaurant scored on its most recent health inspection or what color the Empire State Building will be tomorrow night? Or  where to find a list of free events in the city? This app seems a little overwhelming at first but luckily it’s incredibly organized, one of the reasons why it won three awards at the NYC Big Apps Competition.  If you’re looking for anything from a juice joint to a local restroom to the nearest ATM this app has it. Not only has Mayor Bloomberg approved this app but also NYC Way was featured in a dozen newspapers, specifically the Wall Street Journal.



Did you know the New York Police Department has its own app? The app features crimes videos from the five boroughs, crime statistics, breaking news, and a wanted list. The app also offers a look at the YouTube series Inside The NYPD. These videos show how the department works by, for example, examining evidence in their laboratory, conducting detective work on the street, and surveillance in and outside of their offices.




This is an app from the Department of Transportation calculates your blood alcohol content, sets you up with a car service and has spinning bottle to help to determine the designated driver. See our previous article about this app in more detail.