Mailbox for Birds-Squirrels-Union Square-NYC-Tree

Untapped Cities reader g1g1_nyc submitted this #DailyWhat of a “mailbox for birds” about 9 feet up on a tree in Union Square via Twitter. A closer photo by Magpie Musing shows that the front actually says U.S. Mail on it:

Not surprisingly, g1g1_nyc‘s tweet got some fun responses: @artwhkg asked “a penthouse for squirrels?” and @lalahon wrote, “Airmail??? hehehe.” Magpie’s photos were taken in 2007, but g1g1_nyc‘s just this past weekend, showing that this quirky mailbox has so far withstood the test of time. We’re still not sure what it’s really for though–any ideas?

 Daily What?!, Untapped Mailbag, US Mail

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