With the anniversary of the horrific events of September 11th this week, we thought it would be appropriate to find some of the memorials and shrines in New York City where visitors can pay respects and view a live historical artifact from that somber day.

The World Trade Center site looks nothing like it did five or ten years ago; heaps and tons of metal have been removed from the wreckage. These artifacts were stored in the 80,000 square-foot Hangar 17 in John F. Kennedy Airport, where they were cut and sorted to be sent out, filling hundreds of requests from around the world to have a piece of the hallowed material for shrines and memorials.

The 9/11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center is a new repository for many more artifacts, giving visitors a chance to learn even more about the buildings that once stood at that very place. But even if you haven’t gotten to the museum yet, here are some of our favorite public spaces, parks, and memorial sites where you can find a real piece of the original towers, or simply pay your respects.

1. Postcards, The 9/11 Staten Island Memorial

12-Staten-Island-9-11 Memorial-Postcards-North-Shore-St Georges-Untapped-Cities_11

This work, entitled Postcards, is located on the North Shore Waterfront Esplanade on Staten Island. By architect Masayuki Sono, the wing-like structures also feature 274 plaques with those lost on 9/11. The sculpture is oriented exactly towards where the Twin Towers once stood – stand between the two wings when you visit. Postcards will soon be joined by much more company: The New York Wheel, the world’s tallest ferris wheel is currently under construction, as is much of the area around the St. George Ferry Terminal.