Next week, you can finally go on the tour you’ve been waiting for: A tour of pigeon-related landmarks in Lower Manhattan on September 19th. This is all coming courtesy of Studio-X Columbia University and Colin Jerolmack, author of The Global Pigeon. Following the tour, Jerolmack will be giving a talk at Studio-X NYC on Varick Street.

From the book description: Drawing on more than three years of fieldwork across three continents, Colin Jerolmack traces our complex and often contradictory relationship with these versatile animals in public spaces such as Venice’s Piazza San Marco and London’s Trafalgar Square and in working-class and immigrant communities of pigeon breeders in New York and Berlin. By exploring what he calls “the social experience of animals,” Jerolmack shows how our interactions with pigeons offer surprising insights into city life, community, culture, and politics.

We think this book is going to tell us as much about history and New Yorkers as the book Rats did, which is in our top 10 favorite non-fiction books about NYC list.