Astor Place Redesign-East Village-NYC-WXY Architecture-3The future Alamo Plaza at Astor Place. Rendering by WXY Architecture.

Remember when there was a parking lot where this pedestrian plaza will be? Curbed NY has reported that the major redesign of Astor Place is beginning. As part of the plan, the Astor Place cube, which marks where three Indian tribes converged for a thousand years, will move from the traffic island to a more fitting location.

Here are some other renderings by WXY Architecture from a 2011 document:

Astor Place Redesign-East Village-NYC-WXY Architecture-5

Astor Place Redesign-East Village-NYC-WXY ArchitectureThe vintage subway entrance at Astor Place is actually a recreation, see more beautiful entrances here. Rendering by WXY Architecture.

Cooper Union Triangle:

Astor Place Redesign-East Village-NYC-WXY Architecture-4Rendering by WXY Architecture.

The future Village Plaza. This currently confusing and dangerous crossing will get a much needed extension and redesign:

Astor Place Redesign-East Village-NYC-WXY Architecture-2Rendering by WXY Architecture.

4 thoughts on “Redesign of Astor Place Has Begun, Designed by WXY Architecture

  1. I hope they get rid of the rats in Cooper Triangle, or no one is going to sit there, no matter how many pretty benches and chairs you place.

  2. I really don’t like these annoying changes masqueraded as good-for-you and safer too. Keep the cube where it is, etc.

  3. These computer mock-ups never show you how mis-matched these designs are the area, the long shadows they cast over the historic quarter, how inept the architects are at anticipating public needs, or the shady money-flow which engenders their design and execution. This is simply ugliness, more of the ugliness which now plagues the west side, and which kills everything people love about New York. Who on earth would want to live in a glass bottle like a captive insect? Who would want to visit such a place? In twenty years, the jerks who pushed this down New York’ throats will be gone, but these hideous monstrosities will still be there to ruin your life. Think. Stop and think. Take this garbage out to Roosevelt island and stop ruining the city of New York.

  4. “its amazing what they’ve done.” i realize i say that all the time. but its true, its amazing what they’ve done. they’re corporatized all of our public space. there is no public space in new york city anymore,at least none where citizens can do anything meaningful.
    anything meaningful., like…
    – discuss politics in groups. sorry! got a permit for that?
    anything meaningful. like..
    – simply relax, comfortably, in your own skin, in the guise of your creation, knowing that you can, because this is not Columbus Ohio, this is New York fucking City!! beacon of art, culture, rebels, iconoclasm… OOOPS!!


    its a deliberate, systemic, crackdown , a planned obliteration… and its from the highest levels of criminality on down, and its been happening for over a decade and hardly anyone even sees it and its driving me fucking insane.

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