Koronet Pizza Slice-Biggest Pizza NYC-Morningside Heights-Washington Heights-Huge

For today’s Daily What?! we’re talking pizza. One of the things New York City is known for is pizza, so where exactly can you get the largest slice of pizza in the city? Slices at Koronet Pizza are literally larger than your head. There are two locations: Morningside Heights at 2848 Broadway (110th Street) and Washington Heights at 4087 Broadway (172nd Street). Their crown jewel is the Jumbo slice–from a 32″ pizza–that’ll only set you back about $4. Even their more conservative “small” pizza is 16″.

Koronet Pizza’s metal circular trays were custom-made to carry their monster pies. Koronet manager Peter Manikis explains in a radio interview with Cyrus Farivar for Columbia Radio News why the slices are so large: “There’s no reason. It’s just American pizza. Big pies, that’s all.” Each pizza pie comes in two pizza boxes and there is about a quarter pound of cheese in every slice! The Morningside Heights location is very popular with the Columbia University crowd–open until 3am every night and the slices are allegedly “particularly effective at absorbing alcohol” Reviews of Koronet’s on Yelp generally echo the opinion of Untapped reader Maya Kapa who says, “The slices are enormous and it’s open really late so it’s a great place for late night food, but there’s definitely better NY pizza.” If you have a monster hunger for the largest pizza in New York City, do yourself a favor and order up a pie right now.

We decided to get one for ourselves for the Untapped Cities HQ, and go all out with the toppings. Here’s iPhone v. Koronet pizza slice:

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