Daily News photographer Marc Hermann put together this photo series that takes an interesting look at crime scene photos from past decades. Hermann superimposed parts of the crime scenes in the photos from the Daily News archives onto his own photos from the exact location taken present-day. What resulted is a reflection upon the history behind the streets that we have become used to traversing every single day. “New York is constantly changing and transforming, and tragedies that affected individuals’ lives are forgotten. We may stand on what was once the site of a horrific murder and not even know it, simply because life goes on,” says Hermann. Check out the full set of photos with their respective stories here.

All photos/captions below from the Daily News:

137 Wooster Street – Manhattan – Back in the 1950s, there were no North Face storefronts to be found on Wooster St. There was, however, a massive and fatal fire at the Elkins Paper & Twine Co. on Feb. 16, 1958. Six were killed by the blaze and the building was leveled, but new commercial space now stands where the Elkins Paper & Twine Co. once did.

Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary – Brooklyn – A blazing fire ripped through Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary & St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church in January 1951. Lasting two hours, the five-alarm blaze nearly destroyed the New York City landmark. But the church was rebuilt and is still standing today.

Fulton Fish Market – Manhattan – The Fulton Fish Market in the South Street Seaport was rocked by a fire on Feb. 26, 1961. These buildings still stand, in various states of occupancy, and minus a few floors here and there.

Pacific Street & Clason Avenue – Brooklyn – The corner of Classon Ave. and Pacific St. got some serious action on July 28, 1957 when a stolen car crashed into a light pole. Strangely enough, the car was allegedly stolen by a boy released from the Brooklyn House of Detention. The boy was initially detained on car theft charges. The corner still looks the same, though new green street signs hang above the scene of the accident.

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