Number 12 Subway Sign-NYC-MTA-TrainPhoto by Robert Marrero

We found a curious thing on the New York Transit Museum Facebook page yesterday, a subway sign for an 11 train! Further digging showed that there are signs on the trains that are available just in case, but aren’t actual lines anymore. According to commenters on the Transit Museum Facebook post, the former BMT line used to have 16 numbers. Many have been converted into the letters you’re familiar with today. Zero is also used internally by the MTA to refer to the 42nd Street Shuttle. 

Here’s a recap of some found in the wild!

Number 8 Subway Sign-NYC-MTA-TrainThe 8 has been active in the past, most recently on the Bronx section of the Third Avenue El which was stopped in 1973. Image from Reddit via Gothamist

10 Train NYC-Lexington Avenue Line-SubwayImage via Second Avenue Sagas

Number 11 Subway Sign-NYC-MTA-Train-Grand Central-Times Square
Image Source: Wikimedia by Heyneff

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