From 9:00am to 5:00pm tomorrow, Open Plans will be hosting PlanningCamp,  a hands-on “unconference” planned and led by the attendees, at Pratt Institute’s Higgins Hall. This year’s “unconference” will explore how technology can change how we plan cities and how it can improve urban issues at a local and global scale. Since this year’s unconference will explore a wide array of topics within the urban planning and technological fields, such as technology’s role in community organizing and increasing equity, PlanningCamp is looking for a diverse audience to define and lead the discussions.

So exactly how does an unconference work? After the introductory session, attendees will write their topics on a large sticky note and paste them onto “The Board.” Once most topics have been submitted to The Board, the Open Plans team will organize the topics based on which ones get voted up the most by other attendees. PlanningCamp is a great way to share ideas with peers and to discuss both new and old issues on urban planning.

Each session will last an hour, with about 40 minutes dedicated to the presentation and the rest of the time for Q&A. Registration for PlanningCamp  ends tomorrow at 8:00am.