Right of Way-Guerilla Bike Lanes-Vigilante-NYC-Street ArtThese signs have started cropping up on streets all around Midtown. 

What do you do when you are tired of the city lagging behind on a project that ensures the safety of many and can be easily accomplished by the citizens themselves? You forget the city and churn out some long-awaited bike lanes. As the Gothamist reports, members of the advocacy group Right of Way began to create a makeshift bike lane on 6th Avenue (from 42nd Street to Central Park) on Saturday.

Right of Way is the same group responsible for the outline memorials decorating the streets in March of this year as a commemoration of people killed by un-prosecuted drivers. Interspersed with the regular bike lanes, are these with angel wings:

Right of Way-Guerilla Bike Lanes-Angel Wings-Cyclist-Vigilante-NYC-Street Art

They are not the first group to record the deaths of cyclists in the streets of NYC. For a decade, a community group called the Street Memorial Project has been behind the ghost bikes, DIY memorials in places where cyclists have been killed.